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How To Submit Your Work

I have spent the majority of my life with my nose in a book and a pen in my hand. As an author,  I understand the significance of obtaining a book review and the value of constructive criticism.  As a writer, I am fluent in compelling content that moves an audience.  As a reader, I have an intimate understanding of the captivating world books can create and the ecstasy of escape.  The marriage of these three roles is the perfect storm of an honest, thoughtful, and thorough critic that provides meaningful feedback.

I review books of any genre.  I do caution that if the work includes time travel, it must be well-written as I easily get lost in the science of it--it is a pet peeve.  My favorites are nonfiction, Sci-Fi, dystopian, erotica, and psychological thrillers.  I will read anything I can get my hands on because my forever learner kung-fu is strong and never satiated.

Reviews of 250 words are free (FOR BOOKS UP TO 250 PAGES), I do appreciate you following me on Twitter @musingaroundlv and subscribing to my website.  

Tips are also appreciated via Paypal:

Submit your request to the above email with a PDF of your book, the book title in the RE: section.  

Book reviews can take up to 3-4 weeks.  I will respond to verify receipt and provide a timeline.

As a fellow author wanting to help, I do offer the following services as well: