Love & Silicone: Journey From Sex Doll To Companion

Blow-up sex dolls have been a staple in bachelor parties, comedy skits, and practical jokes for as long as I can remember. Sex dolls have come a long way from the wrong end of a bad joke - they have been exalted to life partner status. When exactly did that happen? My curiosity on the evolution of sex doll marital status peaked when I read that several, not one unbalanced man, but several men have taken sex dolls as wives. Wait, what?

As if women didn’t have enough competition in the world for men, now men could design their perfect woman and marry her? Could women do the same? As a married woman, I mulled this over. I quickly came to the opinion that if a sex doll came with the benefit of cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking, and watching my kids for date night - I would be relatively OK with one in my home - but marriage? That would be a hard no.

COVID has undoubtedly changed the rules of engagement in the world for socialization and dating. Technology has provided the convenience of remotely working, shopping, conferencing, and dating. These conveniences will likely remain prevalent. With widespread artificial intelligence (AI) helpers, such as Alexa, can we expect dolls with artificial intelligence to grow in popularity? Will they replace people?

Will dating apps morph into more of an ovary vending machine site? Briskly swiping through pictures and scanning bios for characteristics to design the perfect child in a cup? Will prenuptial agreements be replaced with parental arrangements? I may be getting ahead of myself; I blame the movies I watch.

Movies That Made Us Love AI Dolls

In 1987, the movie Cherry 2000 made a profound impression on me. The post-apocalyptic movie featured a guy, Sam, living with his ‘robot companion’ the Cherry 2000. She cooked, cleaned, fed his ego, was always up for sex, and she was beautiful. Sam had a bond with her that I guess you could call love; I mean, he did mourn for her loss when her bodacious silicone body was saturated in a dishwashing lovemaking scene. Ooh-la-la.

Sam hired a tracker to find another Cherry 2000 robot body so he could impregnate her with the chip that he rescued from the dish soap water escapade, thereby restoring his beloved as if the incident never happened. Of course, he ends up falling in love with the tracker. Who doesn’t love a wild-eyed, sassy Melanie Griffith? When I watched it, I thought, ‘Yeah, this will be in my grandkids lifetime.’ I never for one second believed that it would be in mine.

Years later, a new angle of robot love came into my life. Bicentennial Man came out in 1999 and blew my impressionable mind by introducing several social and legal issues surrounding AI Robots. Robin Williams plays a robot that is purchased for the family.

He watches the family through generations and experiences creative thoughts and human emotions. Throughout the entire movie, he fights for individual freedoms and the dream of being recognized as human. He falls in love with one of the family members and ends up married to her. They face these battles together and the journey from robot to free-thinking ‘humanoid’ was remarkable.

These two movies introduced me to the possibility of having to address ethics in relationships with robots. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we would be where we are, marrying robots. So, precisely what are these enchanting sex dolls, or robot companions, capable of?

What Kind of Sex Dolls/Robot Companions Are There?

For the purpose of this article, I am confining my research to sex dolls with artificial intelligence: these sex dolls host responses and mimic life. When I say life, I mean the soul of a person, their personality, character, and charisma - the source of attraction. Inanimate objects are far less capable of earning our devotion and affections.

What kind of sex dolls there are with AI varies greatly depending on whether you want:

  • Female

  • Male

  • Home Companion

The types of AI robots I have seen fall into these three categories. You would think that there wouldn’t be much difference between the three, but the differences are vast and extremely unbalanced. Demand is what fuels development and innovation. It is men that have dominated the purchase of sex dolls, not women.

Sales in the sex doll industry have always been consistent, but there has been a surge during the quarantine. This makes sense when you consider that people are looking for companionship and are bored at home. People are scary when left to their own devices.

Sex Doll Genie has had more inquiries from single men than they can keep up with, experiencing a 51.6% increase from February to March of 2020 alone. Couples ordering dolls are on the rise and clocking in at 33.2% growth with orders put in by April of 2020. Couples ordering sex dolls intrigued me. I immediately thought these sex dolls must clean the house!

I was wrong. One of the benefits for couples purchasing sex dolls was to have guilt-free threesomes and enhance their sex life. Men and women can explore any same-sex preferences without awkwardness, and doing that with your partner is hawt. It is not surprising that more couples are purchasing sex dolls. So, what can these sex dolls do?

Sex Doll/Robot Companion Females

If you are in the market for a female doll, you have a variety to choose from. Several companies sell dolls with artificial intelligence that will learn the more that you interact with them. Their knowledge base grows. That is both creepy and alluring. A few things sex dolls can do depending on the manufacturer are:

  • Simulate orgasms

  • Talk about anything from philosophy to science and tell jokes

  • Learn about the owner’s interests

  • Learn expectations for her behavior

  • Simulate several different facial expressions

  • Remember people’s names

  • Sensor touch modes creating different sensual sounds

  • Heated to simulate body temperature & are warm to the touch

  • Wireless & voice communication

  • Lifelike feel

These are just a few things. There are various dolls to choose from, or you can create your own, even a pregnant model if that’s your thing (I don’t judge). Some of the more well-known companies to peruse through are:

The going price for one of these dolls is from a low of $2,500 to a high of $5,500. So, they are reasonably affordable and easily maintained for the most part. Most of the dolls come with a convenient maintenance program and warranty. They are easily cleaned and can be flushed out; a full manual is provided upon purchase.

Sex Doll/Robot Companion Males

Ladies, I am sad to report that sex dolls for women have all the charm and feature of a dildo stuck to the wall, at least for now. In 2018, there was buzz circulating around Henry. Henry was to be our knight in shining armor, or for those that have a little kink in their step, our Mr. Grey.

Realbotix had created Harmony, one of the first AI dolls for men that you would control with a phone app, and Henry was to be her counterpart. Henry was supposed to be tall, dark, and handsome at over 6 ft. I am not sure what happened, but Henry was never released in 2019, despite the announcements that he would arrive. However, a recent article indicated Henry is still on the way to be the future.

You may not want to reach for your purses yet; the going price for Henry will be about $11,000. Maybe it is the British accent or detachable penis sizes that raises the price tag nearly $6,000 from female versions. Don’t be too disheartened; several male sex dolls can be purchased, but they do not include the companionship of AI just yet.

Home Companion Robotics

Home companions learn to clean your home and in no way resemble a doll. I bring home companions into this article because they utilize artificial intelligence. I would absolutely love if sex dolls, excuse me, companions, had a family mode that included cleaning my house. These robots have arms and are suspended from the ceiling in a very unkinky way.

The Look Of Companions

So, in review, we have various shapes and sizes customized in female sex dolls at a reasonable price. We have a male sex doll on the drawing board and will come out at some future date with the price tag of a sports car. Finally, we have a home companion that uses AI to learn home chores. Let’s do a side by side view of the companions.

Does this look balanced to you? Women, for the love of all that is holy, embrace your sexuality, and demand a male-home companion! Combining the male doll and the home companion is the only option here as I see it. OK, so I may be saying this as I look at a pile of laundry and a floor that needs to be mopped. It’s emotional.

Women sex dolls are becoming more realistic, and if something responds to you, you are more likely to get attached. It is hard not to like something when the main objective is to please you and tell you how wonderful you are every day. My ego would swell to the point that I wouldn’t be able to walk through the door. There is another type of doll that is worth mentioning.

Sci-Fi Sex Dolls

I would have my Sci-Fi Nerd card yanked if I didn’t include the following. A significant portion of the population is into Sci-Fi. There are vampire cultures, zombie cultures, gothic, and fantasy. These sex dolls do not have AI, but if you are into fantasy, your imagination is probably enough. I was more than delighted to find out that you can have sex with fantasy creatures:

Elf & Demon Sex Dolls With Vampire Teeth

Elf & Vampire Sex Dolls

Elves, Fairies, and Things With Horns

Zombies, Vampires & damn near everything else

If you have an appetite for the unusual, these dolls may be right up your alley. I know I am fascinated, but back to reality, sort of.

Are Sex Dolls Replacing People?

Now, back to the man that married his sex doll. It isn’t the first, nor do I think it will be the last time that I have heard about a live person marrying something, well, not alive. There is an entire subculture that has professed their love for sex dolls and has permanently dismissed relationships with live women and men.

Silicone Soul is a documentary that interviews men and women who have these monogamous relationships with their dolls; most are married to them. The film was released in 2018, which was primarily when the AI sex doll industry was coming into its own. In 2019, another documentary came out on YouTube called Silicone Sex - When Men Love Dolls, focusing more on European sex doll relationships.

The more lifelike these dolls become, the more likely this culture will grow that prefers dolls to people. This leads me to so many questions. Will quarantine lead to more people investing their time and future into robot companions? Will women be seen as a source of reproduction rather than a cherished life partner? Did all women just become the mistress in a relationship?

Today’s environment and social distancing may have created the perfect storm for monogamous relationships with dolls to fit within commonly accepted societal parameters. In looking at the man that recently married his sex doll - the comments have been mostly positive.

A part of me understands the want to create dolls that can be companions, but the emotional investment placed by the owners into a doll may be damaging to overall human interactions. When you blur the lines and confide in mimicked life rather than real life, you can end up having unrealistic expectations of any future relationship or interaction. You may forget how to engage in conversation because your robot companion is so agreeable with you, you won’t be able to handle conflict.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am all about enhancing relationships and sex, but I think this particular model may bite us all in the ass. At least, that is what every Sci-Fi movie I have seen has taught me so far. Intimate relationships with robots generally come at a cost where humanity ends up paying the price. What happens when the intelligence we create surpasses our own? Many questions will remain unanswered until we cross the threshold of silicon romance being mainstream.

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