Miss The Maiden Titanic Voyage? Test Fate In 2022 On The Replica

Top 9 Titanic II Lifehacks That Could Save Your Life

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The Titanic sank in April of 1912. Titanic has an infamous history of grandeur, luxury, colossal size, and dimwits that equipped her with one-third of the lifeboats needed to hold the souls on board.

The story has survived because of its tragic ending that could have been avoided. The crash into the iceberg and the perfect storm of events that lead up to it were indeed unfortunate - but it is the lack of lifeboats that turned mistakes into a travesty.

When people think about travesty, they think, ‘Yassss, let’s relive that’’. Well, at least Clive Palmer does. The Australian businessman has thrown $500 million towards the dream of repeating history, he states:

"We want to recreate, in Titanic ll, the whole experience, the wonder that was in Titanic, and I think we can do that."

I’m positive he didn’t mean ‘the whole experience’ like the experience of hitting an iceberg, scrambling for lifeboats that would not arrive, and going down into freezing temperature water to suffer an excruciating death. He meant ‘the whole experience’ in a non-tragedy kind of way.

The Whole Experience

To enjoy the whole experience, the passengers will have access to closets full of 1912 Titanic vintage clothing, replicas, of course, from bustles to tuxedos. Titanic II will feature many of the same rooms:

  • Decks

  • Cabins

  • Pools

  • Gyms

  • Cafes

  • Dining Halls; and

  • The Grand Staircase

No replica would be complete without the staircase. Fun fact, the artistic clock piece in the wall is the wood ‘raft’ that Rose and Jack had their memorable last scenes together on in the movie Titanic. It was not a door. It was entirely fitting for how the movie ended.

Jack had won his ticket in a ‘lucky’ game of cards. Ticket prices for Titanic II haven’t been released yet, but back in the day, the original Titanic tickets were about $350 for 3rd and $100,000 for 1st class.

Some good news? Titanic II will be equipped with today’s advanced navigational system technology, and there will be enough lifeboats for passengers. You can subscribe to Blue Star Line’s Titanic II FaceBook page (yes, the original developer of the Titanic was White Star Line) to see videos of development and an updated status on ticket prices and release dates.

Blue Star Line had announced in 2013 about the Titanic II, but much like the original Titanic, there have been some challenges in the build. A bit of foreshadowing? I involuntarily shuddered there.

If you will tempt fate, the least I can do is supply you with some Titanic LifeHacks on what to do and pack to tilt the odds in your favor for arrival at your destination.


Titanic II will have First, Second, and Third-Class accommodations. By purchasing a first-class ticket, your survival index increases significantly. Many people believe that the third-class passengers were locked in their cabins as the titanic started its descent into the depths of the Atlantic; however, that is a myth, for the most part.

Women and children were not locked in their cabins; they were locked away from First-class decks. According to the testimony of Steward Hart:

“The gates between First and Third-class were normally kept closed to comply with 1912 immigration laws which required the separation to prevent the spread of disease...many women in Third Class were unwilling to go to the lifeboats. Some went to the boat deck but found it too cold, some felt it was safer to stay on the ship than to get into a small rowing boat in the middle of the Atlantic on a dark night, and some did not want to leave their husbands.”

Third-class men were locked in portions of the ship or escorted by Stewarts back to Third-Class to allow women and children to board the lifeboats first, sorry fellas. The reason to purchase a first-class ticket is two-fold. Well, besides the obvious of access to luxury amenities and white-glove service with assistants doting on you.

Fold one; the first-class passengers are alerted first to secure their place in lifeboats. Third-class passengers were not alerted until much later. In the case of the original Titanic, it probably would not have made a great deal of difference, to be honest. But, there were no lifeboats stacked near Third-Class.

The first lifeboat wasn’t even launched until an hour after the collision due to the ill-prepared crew. The lifeboat drill that was supposed to happen that morning had been canceled. Likely due to the fact the Captain didn’t want passengers to see the lack of lifeboats vs. people.

Second fold, the Titanic’s passengers were treated in death as they were in life. When recovering the bodies, first-class passengers were embalmed and placed in caskets while second and third-class passengers were dumped back into the sea.


Charles Joughin, the Titanic’s baker, has experience in this department that we can all learn from. The 33-year-old Englishman was resting in his cabin after whipping a 10-course feast up for first-class (the first-class ticket, ya’ll) when the Titanic struck the iceberg. He seemed to know exactly what would happen and dashed up to the kitchen, ordering staff to fill the lifeboats with bread, biscuits, and other provisions.

Then, he slowed his pace by returning to his cabin and soaking his nerves in some stiff drinks before heading back up to usher women and children into lifeboats. The women that were hesitant to leave their husbands on board were ushered with a little more force onto a lifeboat by Joughin. The man is now my hero, bravo, you cheeky bugger!

What do you do after all lifeboats are launched? Why you go back to your cabin and get sauced, of course, because you deserve a drink. Joughin guzzled down a few more drinks, except for his last, which he took his time enjoying as the water started to seep into his cabin. He felt it was time to go back topside.

Once there, he busied himself by flinging chairs and tables into the sea so people could use them as flotation devices (this is shown in the movie). Where did he go next? Remember that scene in Titanic where Rose and Jack gripped the railing as the ship broke in two and watched the savage water rush up at them? This is where our man Joughin was, on the stern (also depicted in the movie).

He violently crashed into the water, adequately inebriated, and leisurely tread water. He was paddling away calmly amid chaos. He had kept his head through the entire event; why lose it now? Two-hours later, our man is still kicking his feet and found an overturned lifeboat with 25 men sitting on top.

No room on the boat? No problem! Joughin clings to the side of the boat and waits patiently for rescue. Eventually, another lifeboat approached, and Joughin was pulled out of the water. Waters that he would not have survived for as long as he had without alcohol and a cool head.

The alcohol kept him from hyperventilating with panic and speeding up the loss of body temperature. His blood vessels also constricted as a counter to the booze. Finally, alcohol prevented him from feeling what his body was going through.

Something tells me alcohol just enhanced what was already there; the man was a gentle beast. Joughin would work several other ships and troopships throughout World War II, retiring in 1944. He died in 1956 as a legend.


Many of you will think this should be the #1 reason on how to survive, but you would miss your 15 minutes of fame and, for the most part, was an excellent cruise. I mean 10-course dinner, good grief.

Not many would not show up with a first-class ticket for such an affair, but some avoided the near-death experience, or death, by joining the ‘Just Missed It Club.’ Remember, tickets for first-class were $100,000, so money well spent. A few members of this club:

John Pierpont Morgan

You may know him better as JP Morgan. At the time, he was deeply vested in reorganizing railroads and steel companies, forming United States Steel - the first billion-dollar company that the world would see. He also created General Electric and is credited with saving the US banking system amid the panic of 1907. He wouldn’t stop there.

The Napoleon of Wall Street amalgamated most transatlantic shipping, including the White Star Company - the owner of the original Titanic. The irony here is not lost on me. He even had a private suite. Let me rephrase, it was only for him, no one else - all the way to the specially designed cigar holders for his brand.

Morgan decided to extend his vacation at a French resort and missed the voyage. He was still at the resort when the Titanic sank. The news deeply saddened him, but as often does, conspiracy theories circulated JP Morgan’s interest in sinking the Titanic to eliminate opponents of his banking ideas. Such as John Jacob Astor IV (the wealthiest man in the world), Benjamin Guggenheim, and Isidor Straus - all of which perished in the sea.

Robert Bacon

Robert Bacon was a good friend and colleague of JP Morgan and coincidentally the US ambassador to France. Together, Morgan and Bacon formed US Steel and International Mercantile Marines. US Ambassador was not the only political title he held; he was also the US Secretary of State for President Roosevelt.

Tired of politics, Bacon booked passage on the Titanic in the interest of retiring to enjoy his wealth in the US. Fortunately for him, his replacement as US Ambassador arrived late, causing Bacon to miss the Titanic’s epic voyage.

He spent the next seven years serving in World War I offering medical assistance to French and British troops. He died of blood poisoning in 1919. The world benefited from his replacement’s late arrival.

Milton Hershey

Yes, Milton Hershey, the force behind Hershey Chocolate Company, was spared. The small town in Pennsylvania is named after the factory, and it’s the owner because of the life and prosperity it breathed into the community. Hershey financed the public facilities and schools in the area, paying it forward.

Hershey had to depart from Europe three days before the Titanic set out because there was urgent business to attend to. He forfeited his deposit on the Titanic and returned to the US on the Amerika, a German liner. The same ship that sent ice warnings to the Titanic which would be following the same course.

Had Hershey perished with the Titanic, it is unlikely that the philanthropic works, especially in Hershey, Pennsylvania, would have come to fruition. I am sensing a theme in the ‘Just Missed It’ Club. All club members being altruistic and having some connection with the Titanic other than merely purchasing a ticket.

Guglielmo Marconi

Marconi was the inventor of the wireless telegraphy as well as a Nobel Prize winner for physics. He had been offered a free ticket on the Titanic on behalf of White Star Company as a guest for his accomplishments and the prestige this passenger would provide.

Marconi accepted the offer. Unfortunately, Titanic did not have a public stenographer, and Marconi was an avid workaholic. He departed three days before the Titanic on the Lusitana who provided the stenographer needed. However, he did keep the reservation for his wife and children on the Titanic.

Fortunately, one of the children fell ill with a fever that delayed the trip for Marconi’s wife and children. Marconi’s wife and daughter attended the Titanic departure, waiving from the docks while the little boy recovered.

As Marconi set foot in New York, news of the Titanic reached the US - the false news. It was widely reported that the Titanic had been saved and towed to Halifax. When the Carpathia docked later that night with Titanic survivors, the real story came out.

The wireless operators employed by Marconi were accused of stifling the story so they could sell it to newspapers. The accusations led to a Senatorial inquiry. After the investigation, the operators were celebrated as heroes. Marconi’s wireless telegraphy coupled with the brave operators on the Titanic had saved over 700 lives.

David Blair

David Blair may not be as rich, powerful, or influential as the men above, but he has earned his place as a prominent member of the ‘Just Missed It’ Club. Blair was the Second Officer of the Titanic and served on all its trial voyages before the launch date.

His service was scheduled to continue through the maiden voyage, but the Olympic ship submitted a distress call because they were laid up. Blair left the Titanic to aid the Olympic. He was replaced by Officer Lightoller (a survivor), which angered the crew because several demotions in rank took place to accommodate Lightoller’s rank.

For Lightoller, this was also a demotion, and the last-minute reorganization damaged the crew dynamics. This wasn’t the only poor decision. Blair, in his haste to leave, took the keys to the Titanic’s crow nest telephone and left the keys for the binoculars in his cabin. This proves disastrous when the lookouts are unable to see an iceberg, much less report it. Thirty seconds advanced notice was all the Titanic needed to correct course.

#4 Gentlemen, Get Your Legs Skirt Ready

The phrase ‘women and children first’ has been long observed. For the most part, it was observed on the Titanic as well. Today, I am not sure if it rings as certain as it did then, but why take the chance? Wax them up and show them off, fellas. A few male Titanic survivors were suspected of doing so and received some hate.

There was one Japanese passenger that probably received the most significant criticism from his countrymen. Masabumi Hosono celebrated his survival until he returned home. He was immediately shunned as a coward because some women and children had perished. He lost his job after rumors circulated that he and other male passengers dressed as women to get a lifeboat.

Is this a crime? No, but it is frowned upon, especially in a society known for honorable acts of courage. He wasn’t the only accused, but the branding destroyed his life, and he was forever labeled a disgrace to his country.

#5 Lowjack Your Significant Other

Not only will you be able to locate your significant other in case the ship goes down, but you will be able to declare him dead and have closure. Roger Bricoux, one of the Titanic’s cello players, was not declared dead until the year 2000.

It is well-known that the Titanic musicians continued to play to calm the chaos up until the ship sank. Bricoux was just 21-years-old, and his body wasn’t found. People had such a hard time believing his body was in the depths of the sea, and even the French army called him out as a deserter when he didn’t show up for World War I.

It wasn’t until 88 years after the Titanic sank that he was officially declared dead and his name cleared. The leader of the eight musicians, Wallace Hartley, played his violin as the ship sank, but his body was recovered weeks later, still clinging to his violin.

In 2006, that violin was found in an attic. The violin had been passed from house to house to family members over the years and then lost. The discovery led to verification that it was Hartley’s violin played on the Titanic. The violin went to auction and was purchased by a private owner just 10 minutes after the bid for 900,000 pounds.

#6 Leave The Pets At Home

There were reportedly 12 dogs on the Titanic, and 3 made it to safety. The crew was not allowing dogs on the lifeboats, but some women managed to smuggle 3 dogs onto one with them. Anne Elizabeth Isham had brought her Great Dane with her, a large dog that could not go unnoticed.

When she was told she could not bring the dog with her, she refused to leave the ship and stayed behind. Her body was recovered, as was her Great Dane’s; her arms still tightly wrapped around him.

#7 Stay Home & Watch HBO Instead

The Titanic experience is a finger click away by watching the movie, and cheaper. The Titanic was about $7.5 million to build in 1912 ($190 million today). The Titanic movie - $200 million to make. If it costs more, it’s better right? Famous last words for an unsinkable ship.

Interestingly, the hangar where the Titanic was built has been renamed Titanic Studios. HBO selected the hangar to film Game of Thrones. Get the popcorn and make it a movie night.

#8 Money Doesn’t Buy Lifeboats

On your voyage, keep in mind that money holds no value when bargaining for your life with the person holding the cards. John Jacob Astor IV was the wealthiest man on the Titanic and in the world. In today’s terms, he was worth about $3.5 billion.

His presence on the Titanic was due to his scandalous second marriage to Madeleine Talmage Force, a year younger than his son. They were returning from a honeymoon and avoiding the gossip as society frowned on the affair. The fact she was with child didn’t improve the circumstances.

When it came down to it, Astor had moral fabric sewn into his character. While other first-class male passengers were negotiating their transaction onto lifeboats, Astor made sure his wife and unborn were on a lifeboat and gave up his seat to children that he saw on the deck. He was seen standing alone on the deck smoking a cigarette before the Titanic sank.

When his body was recovered, they found what translates into $60,000 in his pocket by today’s standards.

#9 Don’t Fall In Love

If you fall in love, you will have this ‘attachment’ and develop ‘feelings’ that will render you temporarily insane. It is unlikely that you will leave this person to save yourself and feel compelled to put their life above yours. Such is the case of Isidor and Ida Straus.

You may better know them as the Macy department store magnates. They were wealthy, first-class, and (sigh) in love - like real love. Ida had been ushered to a lifeboat but refused to leave her husband. Her husband would not go before other women or other men. Checkmate.

The couple resolved to go down together. Ida was heard to have said:

“I will not be separated from my husband. As we have lived, so will we die, together.”

The couple was last seen on the deck, holding each other till the bitter end. I know you are thinking the same thing I am...suckers!

Proceed With Caution

As it stands now, the Titanic rests at the bottom of the sea with several secrets and bodies entombed in her wreckage. Her eerie grave was found just before 2:20 AM in 1985, the exact time the ocean liner sank. Her bones are plagued with bacteria that erodes her existence, and scientists speculate the entire wreck could vanish by 2030.

The replica, Titanic II that will sail in 2022, has the potential to preserve the legend that is Titanic and provide a connection for this and future generations of the very real people and their stories that were touched by the original sinking.

The message to not tempt fate was sealed when Titanic boasted itself ‘unsinkable’ and fate answered. If you are one of the lucky that secures passage on Titanic II, enjoy the experience but do have a moment of silence for what it was - a preventable disaster. Yes, I am always this cheerful - lifeboat half full kind of girl.

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