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The most populated place beside the earth’s surface is online. Mobile devices remain the primary gaming device and extended that lead on iPads, tablets, and PCs by 13% this year. The age demographic is 36-45 years old - parents. Schools have realized the benefits of implementing game modules into education long before Covid pressed distance education to new levels. Students are utilizing skills learned in games to excel in the classroom. Game application learning has soared to the forefront in education. Soul Catchers (Souls) is poised to be the next quantum jump in the space of dynamic, relevant education. Souls bring history to life by incorporating hands-on practical learning while engaging with family and the community. This outreach to the community is paramount in Soul’s efforts to initiate players’ deep investment in rich local history and an appreciation of forever learning with central core values. Our philosophy builds on the knowledge that interest perpetuates involvement for this and future generations. A passion for history-- locally, through distance, and culturally --across nations can birth an appreciation, respect, and understanding for the world at large and everything in it. Ghosts and the paranormal have a tremendous following among all cultures. Hauntrepreneurs of dark tourism has been able to capitalize on 12 million travelers in ghost tours alone- that’s a 2 Billion dollar industry just in tourism, making the ghost business quite lucrative. Our vision was to harness the explosive interest in ghosts, mobility of family gameplay, and introduce an educational historic component. Soul Catchers was born. This game promotes learning, appreciation of culture and history, enjoyment of horror fandom, and is portable. Souls has the potential to be played by millions and is equipped with a robust nature for longevity.

How It Works

The objective of Souls is to travel with the family to points of interest to capture Souls. Along the routes and locally there are several goblins, ghouls, and zombies to catch and help you ‘level up’ along the way. Leveling up gains the skill to capture the Souls. Souls are historical figures of four genres: political, entertainment, influencers, and sports. The Souls can only be acquired by going to a specific location(s) and can only be caught a limited number of times. We are afforded the unique opportunity to further player engagement and interest by utilizing local business venues with historical significance.

Modes & Design

Soul Catchers is able to entertain and educate a diverse population. Our game captivates interest by developing 3 separate modes. Modes are assigned automatically upon entering the User’s birth date.

  • Phase I: Generations Mode- this mode is for all users. It has all ghosts in the game that are not Nefarious mode.

  • Phase I: Scholars Mode- this mode is offered to educators and schools. The schools can present us with their syllabus schedule and we are able to customize ghosts to compliment the segments of the historical figures they are learning about. The students are also able to create their own ghost as an assignment that we can then exalt as a featured ghost for 30 days.

  • Phase II: Nefarious Mode - this mode is for 18+ and focuses on criminals, occults, serial killers, and fictional horror movie icons. The mode is designed to be a subscription add-on to compliment those haunted tours and fans of the dark beyond.

  • The User is presented with an option to login.

  • The User is presented with a map providing the location of creatures and ghosts.

  • Users can see & target the ghost by incorporated Augmented Reality.

  • The User defeats creatures to gain experience and level to defeat ghosts.

  • Ghosts are RARE and can be caught ONLY by visiting the location of their death

  • Ghosts are the historical figures with bios to house in trophy room

  • Ghosts are catchable in limited amounts

  • Ghosts caught can be shared on digital media (facebook, etc)

Game Goal: Create a substantial collection of ghosts by traveling to different locations to catch them while obtaining strength, equipment, and increasing avatar level by defeating other creatures locally along the way. Pokemon can be used as a similar reference on the objectives of the game. Pokemon is the highest-grossing entertainment franchise of all time, taking in about $90 Billion. Soul Catchers differs from Pokemon by providing educational, social, and community interests and interaction. Soul Catchers is poised to be the Elvis of the entertainment arena. Soul Catchers captures vested interest through audience participation. Our audience is able to:

  • participate in game development directly by submitting ghosts

  • customize their experience through modes

  • taps into the ghost/paranormal fandom markets; and

  • solidifies its legacy by integrating into the educational space

No other game on the market can match this integration. Soul Catchers took a revolutionary step from simple gaming to game/life immersion. Soul Catchers' versatile nature is able to penetrate several markets at once furthering its longevity scale. We are able to cater to several different genres to invite substantial advertising dollars along with significant in-app purchase potential.

Membership Community

Membership includes user email addresses and the ability to share achievements on social media encouraging Users to join using digital word of mouth. School participation in the platform will solidify a constant flow of new users. The personal investment in our game will allow us to retain User membership.

Soul Catchers is designed to be life-enhancing, not only catching history but having the foresight to be a part of it.

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