Top 9 Signs Americans Are In A Narcissistic Relationship With Their Government

Narcissistic relationships are described as toxic. Experts advise to flee rather than endure the relationship because Narcissists are notorious for not being able to change, and are diagnosed ‘treatable’ but incurable.

That is how I see the US government. Incurable because there will always be an incurable aspect - the position wields power and power corrupts. Treatable because eventually, all players will be recycled out.

Narcissists can be magnificent leaders. Most of us can relate to narcissist tendencies because we all possess them. America’s population is viewed as one of the most narcissistic in the world. If you doubt it, take the test (here).

For example, the test revealed I have ‘severe’ narcissistic tendencies and referred me to a psychologist in my area. Amazingly, when I told my family this startling information, they were not shocked, much less surprised. Career politicians tend to test right there with me on the severity scale. There is even a term for it: Collective Narcissism.

What Is Collective Narcissism?

Collective narcissism is a belief that one’s own group (the in-group) is exceptional but not sufficiently recognized by others. It is the form of “in-group love” robustly associated with “out-group hate.”

In contrast to private collective self-esteem (or in-group satisfaction, a belief that the in-group is of high value), it predicts prejudice, retaliatory intergroup aggression, and rejoicing in the suffering of other people.

The pervasive association between collective narcissism and intergroup hostility is driven by a biased perception of the in-group as constantly threatened and out-groups as hostile and threatening.

Collective narcissism is associated with hypersensitivity to provocation and the belief that only hostile revenge is a desirable and rewarding response. It arises when the traditional group-based hierarchies are challenged and empowers extremists as well as populist politicians.

Instead of alleviating the sense of threat to one’s self-importance, it refuels it. The association between collective narcissism and intergroup hostility is weakened by experiences that fortify emotional resilience (e.g., positive identification with a community).

That definition just summed up 2019 and thus far into 2020 in a nutshell. Somewhere in the chaos of world events over the last decade, we have stopped seeing ourselves as one group - Americans (government included).

We instead fractured into separate narcissistic groups in a demented game of survival of the fittest. Each group attempts to systematically erase and devalue the others’ beliefs. It has become a quest to deprogram and re-educate by force rather than co-exist.

The results of which look something like this:

Before we can establish a healthy relationship with our government, we need to develop a healthy relationship with each other as a nation. Does this mean we agree on everything - no, of course not. Disagreement is inevitable. It’s how we are handling conflict with each other that is not healthy. Healthy relationships do not exert power struggles for control over each other. The base, primal instinct of a narcissist, is to exert control.

The American people need to set boundaries that encourage debate amid disagreement without violence and without the need to control or censor each other. In our fight to snuff out opposition to our voice rather than respect each other’s opinions, leadership has run unchecked in the divine oligarchy.

We distract each other in oblivion. American’s are failing to see the destruction of wielding a double-edged sword of a narcissistic people and government. We fight against each other instead of for each other.

It is impossible to move forward and find middle ground when we are too busy in our conquest to cancel culture rather than embrace it. To understand how we got here, we need to see the relationships for what they are.

How Do I Know If My Government Is A Narcissist?

Narcissists have an inherent lack of empathy and do not recognize or value others’ feelings. They are starving for admiration, disregard others’ emotions, have a sense of entitlement, and can’t handle criticism in any form. Abuse of power is their right.

If you are unsure that your government is narcissistic, the 9 examples below should leave no question in your mind about who you are dealing with.

Top 9 Examples Of Government Narcissism

#1 Government’s Nature to Denature: Prohibition Poisoning

From 1920 to 1933, it was illegal to produce, transport, or sell alcoholic beverages in the United States. Note, drinking alcohol is not listed as a criminal activity. This exclusion is no accident.

It has a great deal to do with immigrants and poor people that couldn’t afford liquor that ‘keeps’ such as whiskey. Beer doesn’t exactly get better with age. So, those that could afford shelved spirits had well-stocked cellars of glorious ‘legal’ alcohol.

Prohibition resulted from several interested groups and the government linking the consumption of alcohol to undesirable behaviors such as:

  • Crime

  • Domestic abuse, and

  • Various other social injustices

The theory was simple, the reduction of alcohol would directly impact this unwanted behavior and exterminate it. Stopping alcohol consumption proved to be an overwhelming challenge for the IRS (the entity tasked with enforcement).

The American entrepreneurial spirit, innovative mobsters, and consumer demand prevailed in a perfect storm for an obscenely lucrative black market. Alcohol consumption was up 300%. The rest is history, or is it?

Centuries later, a meme appears on Facebook (Snopes):

Gasp! Social media rumbled with activity to find out the truth of the matter. Was there truth to this madness? Yes, but it was well before prohibition started. Ironically, the government poisoned the alcohol due to taxes. I find this hysterical. Why?

The IRS was charged with the enforcement of Prohibition and was provided an immeasurable amount of resources to do so, largely failing. The irony of the dynamic between the star players, Eliot Ness, Frank Wilson, and Michael Malone (IRS/The Untouchables) & Al Capone (Infamous Bootlegger/Crime Boss), is not lost on me.

Ness was unable to convict Capone of bootlegging. It was taxes, or the lack thereof, that brought down Capone. But that didn’t stop the government from trying. It started with denaturing.

Denaturing Translates To Poisoning

Denaturing is the process of adding foul-tasting or toxic substances to alcohol. The US adopted the practice in 1906 to exempt entities producing alcohol in the use of paints, solvents, and other industrial concoctions from paying an alcohol tax.

Denaturing included adding a type of methyl alcohol (methanol) found in:

  • Formaldehyde

  • Solvents

  • Fuels, and

  • Medical supplies

This ‘industrial’ alcohol can be redistilled (renatured) into consumable alcohol (tolerable by most stomachs anyway). So, industrial alcohol was targeted by moonshiners to renature. The problem, methanol is a toxin that leads to death. Now, here is where it gets tricky.

The government’s response to the crime syndicates renaturing industrial alcohol for consumption was to make industrial alcohol even more deadly. They funnelled toxins in to trip up the chemists working for the opposition. In 1927, new chemicals were introduced to industrial alcohol:

  • Kerosene

  • Brucine (similar to strychnine)

  • Gasoline

  • Benzene

  • Cadmium

  • Iodine

  • Zinc

  • Mercury Salts

  • Nicotine

  • Ether

  • Formaldehyde

  • Chloroform

  • Camphor

  • Carbolic Acid

  • Quinine

  • Acetone; and

  • More Methyl Alcohol

Chemical warfare by our government had officially begun. Did the government poison alcohol during prohibition? They will say NO by way of semantics. The government added chemicals to industrial alcohol.

If illegal activities were conducted with industrial alcohol that led to human consumption, the government was not responsible. Mm-hmm, tell yourself whatever you need to, sweetheart, if it helps you sleep at night.

The IRS confiscated 480,000 gallons of toxic liquor flowing through New York during the holidays. Unfortunately, it did not stop 10,000 people from dying by tainted alcohol consumption or hundreds of thousands that suffered permanent injury such as blindness.

Poisoning citizens is a trend in government. The detachment of responsibility to the American people encouraged spraying Mexican marijuana fields with Paraquat. Why? Because citizens that were poisoned brought it upon themselves by illegally using marijuana.

There are also rumors of the US mixing poison with illegal drug supplies (cocaine, meth, heroine, etc) circulating in the US (talking to you CIA). What matters to the government is the greater good, the higher purpose that is being served.

Should we fear the government with its endless resources more than we fear criminals? It depends which side of the definition of greater good you fall on. If you are content advocating government policy as the all-knowing secretive judge, jury, and executioner, then life is good.

#2 The CIA’s Real War On Drugs: Mind Control

The CIA has a long history of conducting experiments that would rival DC Supervillains. One of the more notable projects entertained was MK-Ultra. Let’s set the scene.

During the height of the Cold War, Americans and our government feared our communist enemies to the point of extreme paranoia. It was believed that:

  • Soviets

  • Chinese, and

  • North Korea

had mastered mind control and brainwashed US prisoners of war. This belief wasn’t wrong. The Manchurian Candidate released in 1962 took Americans through mind control and indoctrination into the Communist structure exerted on American prisoners who were labeled ‘traitors’ and hated by patriots.

The CIA was tasked with blocking intrusions into our mind and preventing brainwashing. The CIA’s solution was vested in drugs and psychological manipulation.

MK-Ultra was approved in 1953 and spun out of control shortly after, as the Senate Hearings revealed (here). Unfortunately, the program kept poor records, and a great deal of them were destroyed, so the full details of the program remain unknown, but here is what we do know:

There were roughly 150 human experiments conducted throughout universities (such as Stanford & Columbia), hospitals, and prisons in the US and Canada. Some ‘volunteers’ knew they were participating in a study; some were left oblivious even though they suffered hallucinations from the drugs and treatments administered, such as:

  • LSD

  • MDMA (ecstasy)

  • Mescaline

  • Heroin

  • Barbiturates

  • Methamphetamine

  • Psilocybin (mushrooms)

  • Electric Shock Therapy

  • Psychedelic Imagery & Conditioning

Because of the poor records, we have no idea how many participated in these studies between 1953 and 1973. Sidney Gottlieb (chemist and poison expert) believed in the success these drugs would have in brainwashing and psychological torture. He went so far as to spike CIA agent’s drinks to see what would happen at a retreat. The stunt wasn’t received well.

Operation Midnight Climax

One of Gottlieb’s more unorthodox tests was Operation Midnight Climax. The government hired prostitutes to lure men to CIA safe houses. The safe house rooms were painted in loud colors and meant to elicit the highest drug-induced reactions possible. Recording devices were hidden throughout the room.

The prostitutes would dose the men with LSD by slipping it into their cocktails. The room was equipped with a two-way mirror so the agents could observe how the men behaved. There was no oversight for any of these projects, and agents enjoyed a party-like, indulgent atmosphere. George White, a CIA agent, wrote:

“Of course, I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill and cheat, steal, deceive, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”

Another agent, Frank Olson, wasn’t as gleeful and could not stomach the depravity and disregard of test subjects. The final straw for him was when Gottlieb spiked the drinks at the retreat. He intended to separate from the project but fell to his death from a New York hotel a few days later.

Oddly, at the family’s request, a forensic team found injuries on the body that would have occurred before his fall. Maybe he was one of White’s victims as: an American boy killing, raping, and pillaging?

Olson’s family sued and received an apology from President Ford and William Colby (CIA Director) and a $750,000 settlement.

Fun fact, Ken Kesey (author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) was a Stanford student when MK-Ultra was conducting one of its experiments. As an advocate for LSD (he was one of the lucky ones that knew), he promptly volunteered and encouraged others to ‘acid test.’

Acid tests were like today’s Rave’s but with LSD - psychedelic effects of fluorescent colors and music-like, drug aesthetics. Other volunteers of note:

  • Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead lyricist)

  • Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber)

  • James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger (Boston Mobster, ranked 2nd on FBI most wanted list & his brother was an esteemed FBI agent)

MK-Ultra did not produce any conclusive results of psychedelic drugs being beneficial for mind control; however, it did significantly disrupt people’s minds and lives. People in the experiments started to talk and journalists, such as Seymour Hersh from the New York Times, started to listen.

President Ford, who was currently wading through Watergate, saw how further distrust from the American public could be troublesome. He created the US President’s Commission on CIA Activities to investigate activities - including MK-Ultra. You may know this group as the Rockefeller Commission.

The Church Committee formed and started a more comprehensive investigation into abuses of the:

  • CIA

  • FBI

  • US Intelligence agencies

  • Nixon’s affairs

  • Foreign leader assassination plots (Castro being huge and the time), and

  • Uncovered documents from MK-Ultra

These investigations prompted the Executive Order in 1976 that prohibited:

“experimentation with drugs on human subjects, except with the informed consent, in writing and witnessed by a disinterested party, of each such human subject.”

The expendable nature in which the government saw the American people during Prohibition was disturbing. They have now added an ‘entertainment’ value to the expendability factor, which is appalling. The story gets even more disheartening. We all owe a thank you to John F. Kennedy.

Operation Northwoods

Ironically, the same year the Manchurian Candidate is released, and MK-Ultra is raving, the Joint Chiefs of Staff thought it would be an excellent idea to launch terrorist attacks on US soil and blame Cuba (National Archives). They called it Operation Northwoods.

Operation Northwoods included bombing and shooting innocent US civilians because nothing persuades war like a compelling story of casualty that pulls the patriotic heartstrings. The greater good and all, right?

Florida would be bombed, a Remember Maine event would be scheduled (after destroying it), bombing military bases, blowing up a US ship - and nothing screams terrorist like a few hijackings.

The previously Top Secret document was made public in November of 1997 by the JFK Assassination Records Review Board. Operation Northwoods was signed by the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Lyman Lemnitzer and provided to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1962. John F. Kennedy rejected the plan and was assassinated in 1963.

#3 The US Public Health Service (USPHS) Creates Bad Blood

The US Public Health Service (USPHS) can’t be sidelined in super villainous behavior. In 1798, the organization was credited with creating a system of marine hospitals. In 1912, it was renamed the Public Health Service (PHS).

The PHS focused on public health for the population. In its zest for notoriety, the PHS started the Tuskegee Experiment in 1932. At this point, syphilis was on the government’s radar and set as a high priority.

The severely contagious venereal disease was ripping through the United States. Syphilis penetrates the nervous system causing:

  • Headaches

  • Altered Behaviors

  • Loss of control in muscle movement, including paralysis

  • Sensory Deficits

  • Dementia

  • Tumors

  • Blindness

  • Organ damage (including the brain)

  • Genital sores

Among other painful conditions, including death. Before World War II, syphilis was the fourth leading cause of death. Although the bacteria that caused the disease was discovered in 1904, penicillin didn’t make an appearance until 1920, and it wasn’t used for syphilis till well after the Tuskegee experiment.

Arsenic and mercury (both toxic) were used for treatment thanks to a German Nobel Prize winner. The Tuskegee Experiment wasn’t about treatment. It was focused on observing the natural history of untreated syphilis. This is code for seeing what happens to a human if left untreated.

But, who would volunteer for such a dangerous mission and not be provided the cure, even after it was discovered? The simple answer is no one. This was no problem for the Public Health Service - they were the government.

The PHS veiled the Tuskegee Experiment as a ‘study in nature.’ Macon County was chosen as the study area because approximately 35% of the population was infected with syphilis. The PHS recruited the black male population, aged 25-60, to receive free medical care for ‘bad blood’ for six months.

At first, males were hesitant to come forward because they believed they would be sent to the military. Really? No trust in the government intent, whatever for? So, to ease their minds, doctors began examining black women and children.

Slowly, about 600 black men emerged, including men diagnosed with syphilis (399 of them) were recruited. Things were going well, so in 1933, scientists extended the Tuskegee Experiment to continue as a long-term project.

They recruited more than 200 more control patients who didn’t have syphilis and switched them to the syphilis group if they developed the condition. Researchers started providing placebos & ineffective medicines to maintain the facade of being ‘treated.’

Some of the groups started missing appointments, so a nurse was hired to:

  • Bring them to the appointments

  • Provide food

  • Deliver ‘medicines’

all highly-coveted services during the Great Depression. To ensure the researchers would have access to their test subject’s bodies after death, they covered funeral expenses. All the while not treating syphilis, just observing its course.

In 1934, researchers provided lists to doctors in the area advising them not to treat these patients should they come in complaining of syphilis. In 1940, another list went out to the Alabama Health Department to distribute among doctors in an effort to ensure that patients did not receive treatment.

In 1941 when many of the men were drafted, the military discovered syphilis upon examination. The researchers intervened and released the ment from the military rather than allowing treatment. Let’s break this down:

  • The PHS told the subjects they were being treated

  • The PHS prevented treatment from any other facility

  • The PHS had several opportunities to stop the study-and didn’t

It gets worse. In 1943, the Henderson Act made tests and treatments for venereal diseases publicly funded. The PHS was required to open rapid treatment centers to treat syphilis with penicillin. Researchers still prevented all 399 of their test subjects from receiving treatment at the rapid treatment centers by informing them they were being treated.

The men were dying and suffering through complications of syphilis. As the disease progressed, the researchers continued to watch, jot down notes, and provide placebos.

By 1952, 30% of the men had received penicillin by another source. In 1965, over 30 years into the Tuskegee Experiment, the scientists told their subjects that it was too late to treat them with penicillin because syphilis was in advanced stages. The study continued on-only this time, by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Nuremberg Code & More Regulation

In 1947, both the Nuremberg Code (which the US would violate 3 short years later) and the Declaration of Helsinki were enacted to protect humans from experimentation. In the wake of these changes, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) took over for the PHS and approved continuing the Tuskegee Experiment through 1969.

Still, it didn’t officially end until 1972-40 years after it began. Peter Buxtun found out about the study and confronted the PHS, who said they would look at the study regarding ethics or violations. After looking, they saw no reason to stop it. The PHS wanted to perform autopsies on all that died so the results could be analyzed.

Undeterred, Buxton informed the New York Times about the experiment. Shortly after, America was alerted to the Tuskegee Experiment in all of its horrors on the front page. Only 74 test subject remained while:

  • 128 patients had died

  • 40 wives had been infected

  • 19 children had acquired congenital syphilis